Competition law

Competition is present everywhere: on TV, on the radio, on the internet, in everyday life.

It is not always easy for business owners to get an overview of the complex regulations and national rules on commercial practices. Competition law creates the basis for fair economic behaviour that every business has to comply with. Written warnings or extensive court proceedings can occur if one us not familiar with these rules.

Especially in the wide range of marketing companies one has to make sure, that misleading statements or unfair practices will not be used. This applies in particular to health-related products or services. A number of regulations concerning protection of consumers and of the public interest have to be respected to ensure free and undistorted competition.

Together with complying with national laws and regulations (e.g. the German law on the advertising of medicinal products) there is also a large variety of European Regulations, for example the Price Indication Decree, the regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims or the Trade-Secret-Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will help you enforce your legal rights regarding free competition as well as assist you in case of a written warning, preliminary injunction or a cease and-desist declaration due to an alleged violation of competition law.

We'll be glad to give detailed advice in all matters regarding a legal dispute while also trying to prevent court proceedings.