Our quality marks

Prüfzeichen Strasse & Frau

Our clients receive our Kanzlei Strasse & Faul quality mark for the websites that we reviewed as part of our GDPR Update Service.

With our quality mark our clients are able to prove that their website has been checked and reviewed by a specialized law office and is under permanent supervision.

A Quality mark is only able to express a specific reliability when it possesses an underlying value. In order to guarantee seriousness and quality, we are going to indicate the main aspects that we verify on a website with regard to legal errors before providing our quality mark. In this way the operator of the website is able to demonstrate outwardly that his webpage had been subject of a comprehensive and structured examination.

The main criteria of our examination are as follows:

  • Imprint obligation under the German Law

  • Necessary information for the imprint

  • Placing of the Imprint and of the privacy statement on the webpage

  • Information requirements in the privacy statement according to the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR

  • Data protection notice for contact forms

  • Data protection notice for Newsletter Subscription

  • Legally approved consent and structure of the newsletter

  • Necessary Cookie Banner

  • Insertion of Social Media Plug-Ins

  • Data protection notice for the creation of a customer account

We ensure an updated and individual support. We constantly update the webpages we supervise according to the current legal situation. A permanent consultation creates trust and legal security.